Accelerating the Next Era of Corporate Decarbonization

We are building a platform that revolutionizes corporate decarbonization. By uniting buyers and sellers, we are making decarbonization scalable, approachable, and actionable

Why we are doing it

The Problem

Buyers and sellers of decarbonization solutions are confronted with a series of challenges

Fragmentation and Lack of Transparency

The marketplace is fragmented and lacks transparency, making it difficult for buyers and sellers to navigate and make informed decisions


Buyers also struggle to access crucial data such as independent performance assessments, technology comparisons, and vendor reviews. The procurement process is often costly and inefficient, requiring high-cost advisors and lengthy procedures that increase both the financial burden and time-to-market

Waste of Resources

Sellers also face inefficiencies, spending excessive time educating each new buyer and dealing with a manual, bespoke data exchange process that prolongs the sales cycle

Factory Smoke

We need to spend more time executing on decarbonization rather than just reporting on our emissions

Global Energy and Climate Director, Fortune 500 Company
What we are building

The Solution

Imagine having a dynamic tool at your fingertips that extracts the data you need from your emissions inventory and guides you towards the best suite of solutions available

The Future

We envision a future where every commercial and industrial entity, regardless of size, can confidently execute their sustainability initiatives, contribute to a global climate change solution, and accelerate their impact in real terms

A Path To Sustainability

Automated analyses of the data you collect can simplify your path to sustainability and illuminate the costs and impacts of your efforts to reduce carbon emissions

A Guide

Our tool, being built with the knowledge of our expert team, empowers you to make informed decisions. Whether you're wrestling with budget allocations, evaluating the impact of previous electrification initiatives, or deliberating over renewable energy choices, consider us your guide

About Permylion

We are committed to accelerating the pace of corporate decarbonization by making it approachable and actionable

About Us

Based in Boulder, Colorado, our team brings a wealth of experience from ground breaking organizations like the Rocky Mountain Institute, Optera and Deloitte. We have backgrounds in corporate sustainability, consulting, energy management, corporate real estate, and industrial efficiency

A corporate tool

Permilyon answers the big questions for corporate managers

What does our decarbonization budget need to be to hit our emissions target?
What was the return on investment of the projects we implemented last year?
Can I rely on this vendor to deliver?
Where can I procure renewable energy for my operations?

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